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Walden Pond Virtual Reserve is Back!

So many of you have mentioned how much you loved and missed Walden Pond. It may be spring but restoring Walden Pond was high on the priority list of bringing Botanica back to Second Life. The new Walden Walk is better than ever with a new educational hunt with group gifts. There is also more to do: Fishing, Horse and bike riding, and as before a lovely walk for when you need a to go some place and chill.

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Making a Come Back

Botanica has had many incarnations. For the last several years it has been paired down and I contemplated closing the store alltogether, but I have come back and am enjoying creating again and Botanica is making a comback. We have a quarter of land area we had on the Merlin sim, but we are working with levels in the sky.

We just finished the new winery across from Cactus Corners, where we also have all out agricultureal products.

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A-Mazing Easter Egg Hunt

Test your “Where’s Waldo” observation skills . Stroll through a Victorian Easter Maze and collect Easter Eggs with a surprise inside.

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Babar became a bar bard. You can too. Visit the Celtic Harp Pub at Botanica, cleanup 13 pub coasters to win a Celtic Harp and discover facts about St. Patrick Day traditions around the world. It will give you something to sing about at your next St. Patrick’s Day Party!

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The Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a favorite hunt theme, but Botanica hasn’t done one in years, and this year you won’t want to miss it!

Each prize is themed to the day and are so good we will also be selling them in the shop.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the prizes.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a favorite Christmas Carol, but what is the meaning of all those gifts? Botanica’s 12 Days of Christmas Hunt will not only answer those questions but gives a gift to help you remember each day. Enjoy wandering Botanica’s winter wonder land and collect all 12 prizes to win a Grand Prize of a Flying Swan Sleigh.

Now through the Epiphany, Monday, January 6, 2020.

Christmas Tree Hall



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Virtual Bathroom? Who needs them?

Just like kitchens and laundry rooms bathrooms are realistic detail of modern home that can make your virtual home feel complete.  Vivid imaginations can turn a virtual bath into a relaxing experience…event he PG kind.

“Who Me? No, I wasn’t drinking out of the toilet.”


Botanica  has a modular mesh 5 prim, 4.5m x 4.5m x 5m bathroom shell designed to fit in small space, but if you know how to exit can be expanded to fill an existing room.

The fixtures that come with it are decorative so you can choose your preferred designs and animations.





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Thanksgiving Traditions Hunt

Now Through November 29 the Botanica Thanksgiving Traditions Educational mini hunt is back at the Cafe Americana. The prize is a copy-able turkey dinner place setting so you an feast with friends and Family.

It’s the one day in the year when Americans who can’t agree on anything will sit down together and agree on what to have for dinner. Enjoy a holiday feast and learn about the Thanksgiving traditions that bring together family and friends in the spirit of gratitude at Botanica’s Café Americana. This is an educational mini hunt with 8 keys to find to unlock one prize.


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Botanica is back just in time for Halloween! What would Halloween be without the Corn Maze? Now thru’ Halloween. Botanica’s 9th annual Interactive Trick AND Treat Sim Hunt that takes you through the cemetery, swamp, haunted cornfield maze and a few more surprises. 21 Tricks give 21 Treats. Collect all to win the Grand Prize Bennie the Bat Flier. It is a little spooky with a whole lot of corn. Lots of photo ops playing with avi safe animations and old-fashioned Halloween fun. If you make it through the maze teleport to the broom racing track and Amusement Park to try out our new rides.

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