Botanica’s T’was the Night Before Christmas Hunt

Wander through Botanica’s winter wonderland finding 14 gifts inspired by Clement Moore’s beloved poem while learning about it and Christmas traditions. A Steam Punk Santa Sleigh awaits those who find all 14.

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And so it begins! Botanica’s 11th Annual Haunted Corn Maze

Preview Days now to October 1. Officially open October 1 through November 4. Botanica’s 11th Annual Haunted Corn Maze” Interactive Trick AND Treat Hunt that takes you through the cemetery, swamp, haunted cornfield maze and a few more surprises. 23 Tricks give 23 Treats. Collect all to win the Grand Prize Jack-O’-Rambler. It is a little spooky with a whole lot of corn. Lots of photo ops playing with avi safe animations and old-fashioned Halloween fun. If you make it through the maze teleport to the broom racing track and Amusement Park to try out our rides.

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Baba Yaga Comes to Botanica

That hut really gets around on those chicken legs!
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The Forlorn Suitor

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Grand Opening! Cara’s Crab Shack, Dock & Dine

Grand Opening of Cara’s Crab Shack, Dock and Dine on the Swansea River. Full service Roleplay Restaurant (XeoLife compatible). Meet with friends for a casual fish dinner and cocktails, or have a little role play fun taking turns tending bar or cooking; Fish and enjoy a boat ride down the river!

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Buzzing About Botanica

Now to September 15.

Botanica has been invaded by Bees! Big “B”s, little “b”s and a lot of wordplay and bad poetry. Find 16 “B” gifts for a Big Bee Balloon Grand Prize.

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Cara’s Crab Shack at SL19B

The Second Life Birthday Exhibition, SL19B, runs from June 16th to July 5th. Botanica has not entered an exhibit since 2013 and of course we had to include a hunt! Liz and I brainstormed. Our starter seed was the Octopus’s Garden from the Mielville Steam Hunt but the lot was twice its size. We wanted the exhibit to be interactive fun, incorporating the new buffet from the Sea Food and Eat It restaurant. Liz lobbied hard for a bathysphere. We went for expedient. The North Pole Hot Chocolate Stand fit the bill but needed a face lift. The plan was to fill the plaza with some steampunk tables, flowers and a fountain and viola we would be ready!





The exhibit was made in the workshop before building on site opened and the idea was to just drop it and be done.

Second Life is all about residents creating their own world. SL19B celebrates that. Some of the exhibits are mind-blowing-breathtaking (the “Last Stop by Rapa” exhibit on SLB Breathtaking is well worth a visit!) Somethings are clearly created and imported from modeling packages by skilled graphic artists and some are made by residents who use the basic SL building blocks in world to create and share their vison. It’s not a building competition; it’s about imagination and the joy of creation.

Once we got there we started to get out own visons. Our exhibit needed more Steam! The exhibit took 2 more weeks of building.

Our Flower bill went from 9 Land Impact to 85 Land Impact by changing-up to 3D mesh flowers. Fortunately we had the prims to spare. This is why I still make panel form flowers for the people on homesteads squeezed for prims.

The Octopus’s Garden went from this…

…to this

Lowering it to sea level to make a water garden floating on gears and making new worn brick arches.

The plaza went from pure pavement to a checker board of pavement and glass panels that allowed a glimpse of the sea below. Which meant we had to build a water world!

Liz got her bathysphere!

Fully functional XeoLife Bathysphere Bathroom with diaper changing station!

We weren’t sure we could add a hunt but found we had a day and half left to the building cut-off deadline. We even had time to make a souvenir flying hot air balloon for the grand prize and a T-Shirt everyone will be just itching to have!

Can’t wait until it opens and you can join us on June 16th.

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Sea Food & Eat It Café

The new XeoLife Sea Food & Eat it Café has opened on Botanica. It’s a cute Atlantic Seaboard secret only the locals know! Established 1909 and it hasn’t changed much since. Mom and Pop have seen to that!

Bring a date, bring the family! It’s kid friendly. It’s an all you can eat Buffet! You can even afford to bring Uncle Bubba!

Great-Grandy Lynn never turned away a starving artist. They paid in art and now the walls are worth more than the whole joint!
You don’t have to use a XeoLife Hud to enjoy Sea Food and Eat It, but it does add another layer of realism to your SL experience.
Sit, have a conversation over dinner with a friend and enjoy roleplaying a meal. Those using the XeoLife Hud can recharge their stats for free.
Uncle Bubba can kick back and have a beer.
Gramps left a share to cousin Wanda. She can be crabbier than the catch of the day! Don’t give her lip or she will give it right back! But she gives sweets to the sweet. That’s Grandma’s Italian Ice recipe she brought from the old county. Mom got fancy with it.
We don’t take credit cards, but cash tips are always appreciated!
Cracking crabs can get messy! We let the customers clean up in the back sink. Sorry, no bathing small children allowed.
Take home a Larry the Lobster souvenir from your visit. He was too odd for the pot. Sometimes it pays to be funny looking! Now he just cheers the kids up. I look like I can use some cheering up, but I just ate too much. Gotta build that bathroom next!
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60L Weekend Sale

Mother’s Day is around the corner!
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EGGS-Ploring Easter Hunt

Open Now!

Botanica has a new educational hunt with 16 treasure finds and a Grand Prize of a Flying Faberge Hot Air Balloon! Each egg gives a notecard with information about the history and traditions of Easter Eggs and a clue to the next egg. Find all 16 and win a Faberge Hot Air Balloon that flies two!

April Group Gift. Find it at
Just released and great fun!

More New Items for Easter and Spring

This is a Version 2 update. If you have purchased this previously you can get a redelivery from you account on the MP or our redelivery terminal.
A new matching Dinner Party table that works for weddings or other spring occasions.
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