60L Sale 03/19/2015


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New Item!


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60L Secret Sale 03/12/15

1001 fireplaces sharockshamrock GarlandShmrock glass wall lampSnapshot_001Snapshot_029Moorish__Urn_Plinth

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60l Secret Sale 03/06/15

60L Secret sale 03/06/15

60L Secret sale 03/06/15




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Botanica’s 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt is open!

amazing easter egg racer hunt sign

Botanica’s 3rd annual Easter Egg  Hunt

Wander the Victorian Easter egg garden maze collecting 12 eggs with Easter or spring teamed gifts to win an Amazing Easter Bunny Carrot Racer


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60L Secret June 27, 2014

1001 Rose trells t    Introducing the new 1001 roses trellis.

Mesh 1001 Roses Trellis with Texture Change Menu -1 Prim- LI or 1 prim at normal size z=5m
Hybrid Constitution technique uses 3D mesh trellis and panels flowers that are placed to give fullness and depth for the lightest prim load possible.Snapshot_119

Unique  – Easy to use Menu lets you change flowers with your mood and seasons as they come and go as well as the trellis textures to match your decor.Snapshot_118

Trellis has a texture menu with 9 different color roses and a two Clements. There are 6 Snapshot_111seasons -. and 10 finishes for the planters. Plus a custom texture feature that allows you to add you own flower or trellis texture.

The menu as special features that hide the trellis and/or flowers if you want the vines against a wall or other fence or if you want to use the the trellis as a room divider or gate. It is modifiable so you can put a door script in it. etc. Copyable you you can make as many as you need.Snapshot_117

For sims that are especially lag conscious it has a delete script feature Just remember to keep a pristine copy in inventory s0 there will always be a copy with a menu option.

Roses: Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, White, Blue, Midnight, Purple & Purple Clements
6 seasons: early spring, late summer, fall 1, fall 2 winter, and snow.
Planter: Barn wood, Distressed White, Distressed Green, Snow White, Red Wood, Copper, Verdigris Cast Iron,Rust, Dark Brown Wood
It is copy/mod so you can place out as many as you need.


Come see this and many other trees, flowers, and crops in my in-world garden.


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60L Sale June 5, 2014

barrelsBarrel rack mesh

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