Walden Pond

Botanica does not participate in a lot of hunts – those boards clutter up the landscape. But they do bring people who might not have visited otherwise.  In August-September we will participate in the A Walk to Remember Hunt http://jadescreationspresents.wordpress.com/hunts/ . It is not just a hunt to bring in visitors. It also further Botaica’s educational mission.  It asked the question “Who Inspired You.” Considering that Botainca is a virtual reflection of nature, the answer was immediate and certain: Henry David Thoreau. Walden Pond is considered by many to be the beginning of the environmental movement.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walden;_or,_Life_in_the_Woods

Facing Botantica’s Gate.

The real life Walden Pond is surprising big. By Midwestern standards it is  lake and not a pond at all. Bontanica does not have room to accurately recreate it in fine detail but we  have tried to capture its spirit in autumnal beauty.

There is a Walden Walk that shares 14 quotes from the book with a prize for haveing found all 14.

There are fourteen milestones around Botanica’s Walden Pond, inside, outside, small and large. Each contains a quote from Walden Pond. Walk around and explore the pond (counterclockwise) and Thoreau’s cabin. Touch each stone to receive a note card with a quote. When you have found and touched all 14 milestones go to the book on the opposite wall and touch it to receive a woodland friend to take home to remind you of Walden Pond.

Thoreau simplified his life. He grew his own food, caught his own fish and ate very little meat. We put in a little row boat for visitors to enjoy.

Visitors can see if Mr. Thoreau is at home.

No one answers. Dare I go in?

The most difficult details to recreate were Thoreau’s cabin.  He writes of it but there were not photographs, nor was any person who had visited it still alive at time it was recreated which was not until the 1970’s and after a near miss at being turned into a parking lot.


The furniture in the recreation were mixed finishes but we went for that green milk paint finish that has long been a popular spiff up of hand me down furniture.

Feel free to sit at the desk and try your hand at writing.  We hope you are inspired.

Visit Walden Pond at Botainca



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