Spring Has Sprung at Botanica

It is Springtime in Botanica. The snow has melted, the tulips are up, the trees are blooming and the Easter Egg Hunt has begun.  Bunny Mania has taken over the Virtual Botanical Garden.


Easter Bunny

Suspicious Leporidae Sylvilagus Pascal Giganticus seen leaving Violetta’s Garden with a partially filled basket of eggs. Was the basket half empty or half full?

The  Easter Bunny has been seen hiding eggs filed with Easter  and bunny themed prizes all over Botanica.

Everyone know Santa has a sleigh  but you ever wonder how the Easter Bunny delivers all those baskets  Easter Morning?


Find all 12 eggs and he will take you out for a spin.

The Hat Tip Bunny is still my favorite of the Vintage Easter Decorations cut from Victorian cards.  

Hat Tip Bunny

New 3d holograms have been added this year. So far the holograms are the best way to go if you are looking for the high detail of a flat prim but want a 3D decoration that can be viewed from all angles.. 

Mesh is getting there. New 1 prim Easter Egg Basket, Mesh Bunnies and Chickens have allowed for more  detail and on small items can even have a land impact of less than 1 prim.

The bunny and basket weighs only one prim when liked together.  The egg grass platform, tie and crocuses bring the total to 4-5 prims.  


With 3 built in sits it make the perfectfet place for a family to capture a Kodak moment.


There is also a new formal  spring garden that has a carrot patch and lots of –  you guessed it  – bunnies. Bunny gates, bunny topiary and well – those new 1 prim mesh bunnies!


Rabbits Topiary are posted outside the garden. Topiary animals a make an interesting new addition to the main promenade. They are a permanent exhibit added just this spring.  


There are also gardens for those that enjoy a more informal look featuring spring fields under 1 prim cherry and magnolia trees whit built in petal fall and birdsong.


So stop on by. Things are always changing at Botanica.



About virtualgardensl

A virtual gardener in second life exploring its educational potential.
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