Twice the Garden


New Mesh Wheelbarrow for The Twice the Garden Flower Hunt

New Mesh Wheelbarrow for The Twice the Garden Flower Hunt

The new mesh creations are amazing.  Because mesh registers by land impact it is possible to make items that have a real weight of  half of a prim. These tend to be smaller items but they can be intricate with up-to 8 different texture faces. As always there is a trade off between detail and weight. But it is absolutely revolutionary.  It is possible to have twice the garden on half the prims.



For example – before the new mesh creation tools, high detailed window boxes  and planters weighted between 3 to 11 prims.


The new generation mesh planters  now has a land impact of one prim or even half a prim which means while they look like one prim when standing alone – link two of them together and both together are only one prim.

Snapshot_073 - Copy Snapshot_031 Snapshot_055

Snapshot_038 - Copy

A house that had 4 (11) prim window boxes ca n now save 42 prims buy changing out to the new .5LI mesh window boxes.  Imagine what decorating  can be done with those 42 prims elsewhere in the home and garden.

white water lilies

Snapshot_058 - Copy

1 Prim Topiaries can have more detail and 1Prim lotus pods are 3D with flowers in several stages of growth.


Urns with their classic curves  can now have several mesh faces for high detail and still be only weigh in at .5LI.  Add a .5LI  flower form and together they will weigh only  one prim 

Snapshot_032and can have menu to change flower textures with the seasons.  

 Sculpts are still invaluable for big prims or repetitive forms such as rows and groves of  trees but Botanica will be gradually converting to the new low impact mesh over the next few months.

To kick of the transformation we having a “Twice the Garden  Educational hunt (clues give wiki link so you can learn about the real life flowers).  There are 14 .5LI flowers to find in the hunt that wen linked in pairs will count as only 7 prims.

14 flowes

There is also a grand prize of a garden wheelbarrow and a  working garden cart that you can push around and gives garden tools.

Join the hunt at Botanica


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A virtual gardener in second life exploring its educational potential.
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