Botanica’s Halloween Haunted Cornfield Maze Hunt is Open

Botanica’s  3rd Annual Halloween Haunted Cornfield Maze is open. Snapshot _ Botanica,Haunted Corn Maze

It began 3 years ago shortly after  the garden was opened. We made the maze out of  dry corn stalks and then fitted it out with low prim Halloween decorations,  gags from the marketplace and some small prizes.

The next year it became all about the tricks. If you weren’t brave enough to try the trick  – no treat.




And we started creating  some of our own like the lost Howard Carter crate that locks you in a sarcophagus.





Some of tricks we had did not allow modification.  As in the  1 prim quick sand trap we remade ourselves so we could  add the prize scripts 


We didn’t bother trying to remake the spider trap. Sun Seale’s is modifiable, allowing the owner to resize it for the space needed, or like us add a prize script to it.  It has the best animation available and at one prim, it cannot be improved upon. It is also  fairly priced at 100L$. 



Botanica is all about squeezing the prims out of the garden!  Most of our items are 1 prim, 2 prims is pushing it.  Some of our favorite tricks were what we would consider to be high prim (like 9!) There are several versions of the “Drag You Hell Grave” on the market ranging from 9 to 11 prims. Using mesh we was able to reduce it down to 1 prim this year. 




 Every year (fools that we are)  we think the maze can be laid out in a a week or two.  After all we have everything from last year, and there is only so much you can do with a 


corn maze. But that just didn’t seem good enough. This year we added two “off world” quests. The Howard Carter  Crate now  mystically transport you to Egypt in search of Tut’s treasure.



Our favorite part is escaping the marauding mummies by flying off the skybox edge and watching them fall to their doom. Who’s Mu Ha Ha-ing now Band Aid Boy?




The Wendigo is one of the most chilling legends to come out of Native American folklore.

Is it cursed souls that lurk in dark and lonely forests or is it trees themselves that eat the flesh of the lost and unwary? 


Botanica Botanical Gardens has always been a family destination.  Every year the Boy Scouts do the Butterfly hunt for a badge.  The Halloween hunt has wiki links about Halloween folklore and legends, so it is also an educational hunt. And while older children may get a kick out of battling the monsters on the the “off world” additions, they are way too spooky for the wee ones. We soon realized we needed to do something fun for them. and created Lil’ Pumpkins Park.



For the most part the Maze is still about about old fashioned corny Halloween fun. We  we added the rural pastime of  cow tipping.  You don’t  have to tip the cow to win the prize. No spoilers on  this one. You will just have to come see for yourself.

Most of the decorations are for sale here or can be bought directly from other creators on the marketplace.  A special tip of our hat goes to  Ghanie Lane of Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps who made the Ghost Ride Rezzer  – 1 Prim!  

Botanica has added a lot of new things to our Halloween line including haunted furniture (1 or 2 prims), .5 Land Impact mesh jack-o-lanterns,  and a line of scarecrows. Many of the decotions have  have been inspired by the vintage cards we also sell as party invitations.






They are available in world or on the marketplace at

Botanica wishes you a Happy Halloween.



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