Earth Mothers Quest

Mother, maman, mommy, amma, mama, em, mum, mamma, mutter, mare, maty, ana…

Mother quewt

20th century male existentialist were famous for saying “We are born alone and die alone.” To that Botanica says “Bull Hockey!!”, “Get over yourselves guys!” , “Wake up!!” No human is born alone. One other being is always present at the birth of any mammal and her name is mama. And dying alone, arguably, is preferable to screwing up so badly as a species that we all die together.

Regardless of any “issues” individual humans may have with their mothers – the bottom line is that ones mother was their ticket to this planet and into the human race. Celebrating Mother’s Day is celebrating our own birth and survival, Mother Earth and all life on the earth. Yeah! and that includes YOU!

Bt eart MOther ap


For May and Mother’s Day Botanica has set out 10 representations of exemplary mothers from the animal kingdom and there babies. It s more of a Quest than a hunt: there are no clues. You have to know a good mama when you see one. Not all of the mamas and babes on the sim are in the quest. A Pick up a HUD at the start point. If you think you have found one of the mamas and babies in the quest click on them and they will tell you why we think they are such great moms. A picture of them will appear on the HUD to confirm and remind you of how many mamas you have found and how many more to find before you can claim our Mother’s Day gift. The stars on the map give you an idea of their general vicinity.

seals dolphne Poral Bear fox swan3









Take the teleporter to Crops and Orchards level to find the last mama. When you have found all 10 return to the the Mother Love Statue to get your gift.





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