60L Secret June 27, 2014

1001 Rose trells t    Introducing the new 1001 roses trellis.

Mesh 1001 Roses Trellis with Texture Change Menu -1 Prim- LI or 1 prim at normal size z=5m
Hybrid Constitution technique uses 3D mesh trellis and panels flowers that are placed to give fullness and depth for the lightest prim load possible.Snapshot_119

Unique  – Easy to use Menu lets you change flowers with your mood and seasons as they come and go as well as the trellis textures to match your decor.Snapshot_118

Trellis has a texture menu with 9 different color roses and a two Clements. There are 6 Snapshot_111seasons -. and 10 finishes for the planters. Plus a custom texture feature that allows you to add you own flower or trellis texture.

The menu as special features that hide the trellis and/or flowers if you want the vines against a wall or other fence or if you want to use the the trellis as a room divider or gate. It is modifiable so you can put a door script in it. etc. Copyable you you can make as many as you need.Snapshot_117

For sims that are especially lag conscious it has a delete script feature Just remember to keep a pristine copy in inventory s0 there will always be a copy with a menu option.

Roses: Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, White, Blue, Midnight, Purple & Purple Clements
6 seasons: early spring, late summer, fall 1, fall 2 winter, and snow.
Planter: Barn wood, Distressed White, Distressed Green, Snow White, Red Wood, Copper, Verdigris Cast Iron,Rust, Dark Brown Wood
It is copy/mod so you can place out as many as you need.


Come see this and many other trees, flowers, and crops in my in-world garden.



About virtualgardensl

A virtual gardener in second life exploring its educational potential.
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