Oh! give me a gnome2

To celebrate we are having the “Oh! Give Me a Gnome Hunt now through July 17, 2016. Find 12 garden gnomes in each of the boutiques and attractions on the teleporter system.


gnome 657






On July 1, 2016 Botanica officially moved to the Merlin Gardens sim adjacent to Creations Park, home of Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research.


Botanica Square with Singularities Designs and Luminous Salon and Spa

We have a full homestead now and have been able to bring all of the Creatirx Enterprises Shops to one sim. Singularities Decor and the Music Box are also on Merlin Gardens.


Singularities Decor – Sleek fusion design .5LI and 1 prim furniture, lamps , and home accents.

Luminous Spa – Low prim, low lag salon and spa makes for the addition of fun role play for every town, shopping center and hotel – don’t forget those Bridal Party Pictures!


The Music Box – One Prim Harps, Clavichords and of course Music Boxes!








Botanica Landing and the shops of Merlin Plaza . Take the teleporter to reach the other attractions on the sim quickly.

The jumble in the old house has been separated into boutiques along Merlin Plaza with plenty of room to expand. There is a shop for for those year round celebrations, Cafe Americana, and my favorite the redesigned Madame Magda’s Fortune Telling Parlor.

Snapshot_068 Celebrations has flower and fruit arrangements, gifts, and party decorations.


Cafe Americana (for summer) is the place to find those seasonal buffets and furniture accents for the holidays.


Madam Magda’s Fortune Telling Parlor – where you can try out the haunted furniture, learn how to read tarot cards, and play with the Ouija Board, Crystal Ball and our new addition the Magic Mirror.









We have lots of room for our season special exhibits, right now they are lovely country fields and roads.


The Vineyards.


Hedgerow Lane











The winery has been completely redesigned inspired by Liz’s memories of Beaujolais. Walden pond has been expanded.

We have added two new lovely gardens. Cactus Corners and the Asian Moongate Garden.


Cactus corner for desert plants, ceramic and wrought iron.

Farm supplies Crops and Orchards are ot on the same level. Be sure to visit the herbalist’s hut and have a cup of medicinal tea. It can be every bit as fun as Madam Magda’s but I won’t spoil the surprises.


We can now display the farm sim extensions to hang off the end of a rural sim that make it seem larger and not abruptly end at the ocean’s edge.

Snapshot_071Of course our favorites like the butterfly House and Formal gardens are still here.


Now that we are next to Creation’s Park we can hold parties and dances for our patrons at the new Ravinia Festival Park.

Moving a store is a great deal of work and Botanica is ore than a store – its and adventure, so stop by and I hope you’ll agree its has been well worth the effort.






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