The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

Thank you Botanica Patrons for making this a memorable  year and holiday seasons.

This year Liz came joined the staff as PR manager and has been an invaluable help with sales, notices, hunts, product testing and generally catching all my oops. We launched Creatix Enterprises to make one big group for all my product lines.

Cara n Liz

The season began early with the Winter Festival for Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research at Creations Park



Barbie Alchemi, the Team Fox Lead, requested we design large 20M Christmas Carousel for the venue which was donated as a sponsor item and ended up gracing a few more Christmas venues and parks in Second Life.

teamfox carouse











Botanica doubled down on sponsorship at the Relay for Life Christmas Expo with an indoor and outdoor Gold Sponsor Sponsorship.


Liz and I had a blast setting up an exposition of or holiday wares, took out all the stops making interactive space for all, and were rewarded by high attendance and good sales, of which 50%  we direct donations to the ACS. Our sponsor donation item was a downsized 10m Christmas Carousel which could fit in a great many more personal winter wonderlands.


During the two weeks of the Expo we recouped the full sponsorship donation in sales at Botanica and the Expo sim. Thank you dear patrons for donating $200USD to the American Cancer Society through Botanica. I hope all your holiday decorations glowed especially bright for you knowing that they are helping to find a cure for cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

What a wonderful season! Soon the snows will melt and we will be decorating for the Lunar New Year of the Monkey (Feb. 8), Mardi Gras (Feb. 9) and Valentine’s Day. Liz is working on a new educational Mardi Gras hunt. Botanica was such a gorgeous winter wonderland this year, I captured some of the ephemeral beauty of the season in  in photos before it disappears.







We wish everyone and happy and prosperous New Year!

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Follow the Star Hunt

Wander Botanica’s Winter Wonderland for a holiday decorating ideas and join in the “Follow the Star” Advent Hunt from Dec. 1 through Dec. 24th.  Twenty-four  dated and Follow the starnumbered stars are packed with a variety of some of our favorite (and different prizes from previous Botanica hunts) holiday decorations and furniture, hidden in plain sight and waiting to be claimed on the right day.


follow the star 658x394

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Botanica has few new haunts.

and the Swamp.

Botanica has few new haunts.

This is the fifth year for Botanica’s Haunted Cornfield Maze and Trick or Treat Hunt.  The cornfield mazeCorn Maze hunt 4 2015 20 interactive spooky or mabre animations to play with and each gives a prize. New this year wear the Creatrix Enterprises group tag to get a group gift .  It is free to join.

Alas there seems to have been a major geological upheaval and the spring fields and meadows have devolved into a swamp. This is a hunt attraction and also a good place to find some spooky trees.



The fall foliage has been condensed into Walden Pond.


All the past favorit autumn and Halloween decorations and landscaping are out. We will continue to improve and  add stock through the season. There is still much on the sim that has not yet reached the market place so please do stop by and see what’s new.

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60L Sectet Sale 07/30/2015

Bushel n crate sale Barrel_Planter_flowers Mesh_planter_Red_Geranium___Purple_Petuniascf

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60L Secret Sale 06/27/2015

RWB Hanging Basket room surround rwb uncle & aunti Sam RWB Landsape Pack US Flag Party Lanterns climbing rose wall arch

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The Avi Choice Awards 06/20/2015


Botanica did not win but it was still and honor to be nominated.  Many thanks to the Avi Choice committee and everyone that voted. Snapshot_069 Snapshot_071 Snapshot_070 Snapshot_068 Snapshot_067

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60L Secret 06/19/2015

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